Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Students:

     *Please give us a call or come in to talk to our staff if you have any unanswered questions.

Who can enroll?

  • Students ages 13-18 residing in Whatcom County.
  • Students who need to experience a hands-on, individual, self-paced learning program.
  • Students interested in learning vocational skills or pursuing a G.E.D.
  • Ask your school counselor or principal about enrolling in Home Port.

What classes will I take at Home Port Learning Center?

  • We follow the Bellingham School District’s Calender.  Classes are from 9:00-3:30.
  • Our classes are small (8 students maximum), making it easy for us to work with all skill levels.
  • We offer the following:  Vocational Education/Woodworking, Maritime Education, Art, English, Math, Social Studies, Science, P.E. & Health, and Life Skills.
  • We also offer elective classes three times a week.  Classes vary but typical offerings include: Scrabble, Music, Videography, Rock Climbing, Basketball, Graffiti, Religion, Art, Meditation, Hiking, Musicians Biography
  • We go to the YMCA a least once a week for P.E.  Additional opportunities for staying fit include elective classes at the Boys & Girls Club, rock climbing at the YMCA, rowing, and hiking.
  • We walk or take our van (always supervised) to off campus locations several times a week.
  • Much of the day is spent doing hands-on work. On any given day we are: building furniture, building boats, working on community service projects, fixing things, painting, and creating art projects among a variety of other activities.

How many students attend Home Port?

  • Our student body comprises of 24 students, 4 teachers, 1 special educator, 1 office manager, & occasionally Pele the super dog.
  • Class sizes do not exceed 8 students.

What are your expectations of me?

  • We expect students to honor our four pillars:  Respect, Commitment, Interest, and Self Control.
  • Home Port is run like a work place.
  • We are all expected to work.
  • We want you to acquire more and/or better skills everyday.
  • You are expected to work towards improving these skills every class.
  • We all clean up at lunch and at the end of the day.  If someone is absent we fill in for them.

Can I graduate from Home Port?

  • No, Home Port does not offer high school diplomas.
  • We are a transitional program and the typical student spends one year at Home Port.
  • We help transition our students back to a school of their choice: Public School, Options High School, Bellingham Technical College, Job Corps, GED completion, Whatcom Community College, Washington Youth Academy, or the Northwest Technical Academy.

Will the credits I receive at Home Port transfer to other schools?

  • Yes, the credits you earn at Home Port will count towards high school completion and are accepted by other school districts.  

What should I wear?

  • Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Home Port Learning Center is a wood shop environment and it is dusty.
  • Wear shoes that will protect your toes and feet. No open toed sandals or slippers.
  • Wear clothes to school that can keep you warm. Sometimes we work outside in variable weather conditions.

Can I leave campus during the day?

  • No, Home Port has a closed campus. When you come here, you are here for the whole day.
  • You might leave the school with a teacher on any given school day for classes and field trips.
  • Home Port has a smoke free, drug free, and weapon free campus.

Can I order a lunch?

  • Most of the students order a lunch from the school district, but complain about it.
  • You are welcome to bring your own however, you cannot order lunch from a restaurant.
  • If you had free or reduced lunch at public school this will apply at Home Port.

What do I need to know about boating at Home Port?

  • All students at Home Port go out on boats.
  • We always wear life vests while on the boats and on the dock.
  • We row and sail to make our boat, the Plume, travel. We don’t use motors.
  • If you have a fear of water or boats, let us know. We are willing to make accommodations for you.