A major Home Port curriculum segment is boat building. Below are some of the boats built by students. These are wonderful vehicles for learning team work. After all, you wouldn’t want to “rock the boat”.

This is our “Stewardship” under construction…

A Little History:

The Stewardship,  a Tolman Skiff, is complete with cabin facilities, and will provide year-round access to Bellingham Bay. Over 400 students have participated in this project, and have been able to: apply relevant math and analytical skills, develop shop and woodworking techniques in a group manufacturing setting, and grow as individuals working as part of a team.   The new Marine Science Program will create opportunities to develop or expand partnerships with Bellingham Technical College, the City of Bellingham, the Port of Bellingham and others invested in the health of our marine environment. The finished boat has been a huge source of pride for youth who have known little success in their young lives.

…Completed! Launch day!



The “Stewardship” went on to a new home this last summer. We appreciate the support from the new owner! Thank you!



Tell me more about the Plume!

Scan 133Scan 132

A Little History:

The Plume is a replica of the long boat from Captain George Vancouver’s ship, Discovery. Vancouver and his officers, Joseph Baker (Mount Baker), Peter Puget (Puget Sound), Joseph Whidbey (Whidbey Island) commanded boats like the Plume through these inland waters in the summer of 1792. From these boats they charted this area and left their names on the charts for posterity. The Plume was built by staff and students of Home Port Learning Center in 1996. She serves as a floating classroom for the school. There is no motor on the Plume. She has 10 oar stations and a schooner and a dipping-lug sailing rig. We will operate the boat as the 18th century sailors did (without all that flogging).


Sailing Plume

Here is a link  tacking Plume

Tacking Plume