Our Mission Statement

Home Port Learning Center is a transitional education program serving at-risk youth of Whatcom County.  Through experiential learning, students acquire academic, vocational and work readiness skills.  We are committed to the preservation of our maritime heritage, environment, and the well-being of our community. 

Just when you think Home Port can’t do anymore, lookee here! We will be hosting this event this year. It is still at the Port of Bellingham, but we will be there in full force handing out the cookies, cider and showing off the awesomeness that we can do!


 Its that time of year again! Open House! Come one, come all. Everyone is invited. Students, teachers, parents, the public, the community, that one guy over there reading this right now. Yeah you. You are invited too!

In the memory of Billy Mays, but WAIT THERE’S MORE! We have a garage sale too! We are selling furniture the students have built, furniture we have restored, tools we used to make that furniture…you get the picture. And if you act on Nov 21st, you can also pickup up awesome duct tape wallets made by the students, oars, odds and ends galore!

  • We are kicking off another wonderful year here at Home Port. We have new students, new staff and a new updated classroom to celebrate. Thank you all for the continued support and stay tuned! Many more exciting things to come!
  • We had a wonderful and successful Fundraiser/20th Birthday Party. Thanks to all that supported this event and to those that came.
  • We have participated in the Fourth Friday Farewell Floatilla this summer in Plume. We took guests out to see the Alaska Ferry off on friday nights.

Bellingham Bay 29Bellingham Bay 23








Check out our promotional video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNlDZXwhzro

A sincere THANK YOU   Scott Williams and to all that have supported this venture.



“I wasn’t really going to school until I found Home Port.  The staff gave me a chance to show my full potential and prove to others and myself I am somebody.  I wanted my GED but in the beginning I was far from getting it. After one year, I have done a complete 180-degree turn around and now I am taking my last GED test.  I have completed probation and I have been sober for seven months.  Home Port has broadened my horizon by giving me skills I will use the rest of my life…”     – Former Home Port Student

Organization Background
In 1993 the Juvenile Court of Whatcom County discovered that 55% of the 287 juvenile offenders that year were not enrolled in school.  Home Port Learning Center opened its doors in 1994 in response to this strong community need to provide teens a way off the streets and back into school.
Home Port offers a unique learning environment that serves at-risk youth in our community.  We provide students with a second chance, as many of them are unable to meet expectations of public schools.  It is not uncommon for our students to come from difficult backgrounds containing violence, truancy, and drug use.  However, at Home Port students receive the individualized attention they need and deserve to attain personal and academic achievement.  We have an 85% average success rate, as these students transition back to public school, receive their GED, move forward in continuing education or gain employment.
We are looking forward to a successful 19th year serving the at-risk youth of Whatcom County.

Help keep our school open to the at-risk of Whatcom County

Home Port Learning Center will gladly accept your donation of cash or other items!
Call the school for details. 715-8860.

Home Port Learning Center – 707 Astor St. – Bellingham, WA 98225

We are a 501(c)3 organization.